Privacy Policy:

If you’re visiting our website, you likely care about privacy and already know that the Internet, generally speaking, is not always a private place. When you visit websites, use search engines, or conduct business on the Internet, many different parties gather information about your online behavior by tracking your searches, visits, and transactions, and then by matching that data with other information about you.

With that in mind, our goal is to respect your privacy, including when you visit our site. So, for starters, we only collect very limited information about you when you visit We do this in order to contact you (when you ask us to) and to provide you with a better experience while you use our site. How and when we do so is explained below.


Our Collection and Use of Information About You:

Passively Collected Information

Like most websites, we automatically receive and record information in our server logged from your browser when you visit The information that we collect with these automated methods include your IP address, cookie information, browser type, system type, and referring URL. If you sign up for our email newsletter, we may also use an embedded image to track whether you open our email.

We use this type of information to measure and improve the performance of our site and our newsletters. On occasion we may also access this type of information to investigate or maintain the stability and security of our site.

Voluntarily Submitted Information

Certain pages on our site invite you to share personally identifying information in order for us to contact you, such as your name, email address, or telephone number.


Our Use of Cookies:

We use cookies to improve website performance and to collect analytic data. By “cookies” we mean small text files placed on to your computer by websites you visit. “Cookies” may also refer to local storage, which is a mechanism similar to cookies where the information is stored within your web browser. In some instances we place these cookies ourselves. In other instances we allow outside service providers to place these cookies, but only if those providers agree to the terms described above under “How We Work with Third-Party Vendors.” We use cookies as follows:

Website Performance

Website performance cookies allow us to make the website easier and more pleasant to use, including saving you time when filling out a form by populating it with information you provided in previous visits.


We use analytics tools that place cookies, in order to give us a better understanding of how people engage with our website. That in turn allows us to gauge the current performance of website features, and to develop better content. Analytics cookies provide us with information like:

  • How many individual visitors we have
  • How many visitors are new or returning
  • How often visitors come to the website
  • What content they’ve visited
  • How visitors interact with particular pages or content