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The term “billing fraud” refers to several unfair and deceptive acts relating to bills and billing practices, including unauthorized charges and hidden fees, to bait-and-switch schemes, false advertising, unlawful charges, disputed medical bill charges, phone bills, etc. Scott D. Owens P.A. offers legal assistance to consumers who are victims of those sort of practices. An example of this type of deceptive charge was the catalyst in the case of Pincus v. American Traffic Solutions, Inc. where Scott D. Owens is serving as co-lead counsel, representing a consumer who brought a putative class action against the company responsible for the payment of fines associated with those annoying red light cameras. The suit challenged the legality of the surcharge (i.e., the so-called “convenience fee”) on top of the already hefty $158 dollar penalty. On February 2, 2021, the Eleventh Circuit Court of Appeals issued a non-dispositive opinion referring the matter to the Florida Supreme Court. A copy of the opinion can be viewed using the link below. The case has been designated as “high profile” by the Florida Supreme Court as the outcome will affect the lives of millions of Floridians – hopefully, for the better.

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